LEGO Drone Video showing its - Special Offers 2020

LEGO Drone Video showing its New Lego House

LEGO has released a drone video showing its bjarke ingels-designed institution from the air. set to open in denmark this autumn, the LEGO house has been conceived as an immersive experience center, which includes paid attractions as well as areas that are free and open to the public. ahead of the building’s official opening on september 28, 2017, LEGO recently carried out a ‘test-visit’ where all employees and their families were invited to try out the ‘home of the brick’ for the first time. read more about the project below, and stay tuned for more coverage of the venue as it moves towards completion.

Lego Drones Video

located at the center of billund, the home of the LEGO group’s head office, the complex is expected to attract approximately 250,000 guests each year with around 2,500 visitors on peak days. designed by bjarke ingels group, the building comprises 21 white bricks stacked on top of one other, crowned by an oversized 2×4 LEGO block named the ‘keystone’. the enormous bricks create space for indoor activities, while simultaneously providing sheltered public space. ‘the LEGO brick has been incorporated into the architecture in a simple, but ingenious way, and visualizes the systematic creativity that lies at the very core of all LEGO play,’ explains jesper vilstrup, general manager, LEGO house.

Lego Video using Drones

the ground level includes a store, three restaurants, conference facilities, and a 2,000 square meter public square.above, the first and second storeys feature four play zones arranged according to color: red is creative, blue is cognitive, green is social, and yellow is emotional. the company’s story will be told in the history collection located in the basement, while the masterpiece gallery — which includes fan creations — will be located at the uppermost level. non-paying guests are able to walk to the top of the building to enjoy views from the outdoor terraces. 


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