Infinix to enter the US market, is it a threat to Samsung?

Transsion is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, selling devices under Itel, Infinix, and Tecno brands, mainly in Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, the tech giant isn’t present in one of the largest smartphone markets on the globe, the United States of America. Well, that’s going to change very soon.

According to a new report from Android Headlines, Transsion is going to enter the US next month with the launch of the Infinix GT 20 Pro in the country. It is an upcoming phone that has leaked on multiple occasions. Apart from the US, the publication says that Infinix will also launch it in China and India. At the moment, there’s no information on whether Infinix plans to sell the GT 20 Pro in the US through network carriers or independently. That being said, we expect the company to go with the latter route.

The leaks that we have about the GT 20 so far suggest that it will be a mid-range phone featuring a display with Full HD+ resolution, a triple-camera setup at the rear, MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset, up to 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, Android 14, a 5,000mAh battery with 45W charging, and support for 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Going by these specs, the GT 20 Pro looks like a Galaxy A55 competitor.

Does Samsung need to worry about Infinix entering USA?

So, could Infinix be a threat to major smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung in the US? Well, I don’t think so. That’s because, to succeed in the US, you need to have strong ties with network carriers, which Infinix doesn’t have. Furthermore, people in the country usually stick to tried and tested brands rather than trying something new. They also avoid brands that originate from China due to geopolitical tensions.

That being said, having more options is always a good thing for consumers, and who knows, if Infinix offers smartphones with the same, high value for money factor in the United States as it does in other regions, there’s a chance for the brand to gain a strong foothold in the region in the long term. However, in the near future, I don’t think other Android brands, especially Samsung have anything to worry about.

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