1Pair Dental Mouth Guard Prevent

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1Pair Dental Mouth Guard Prevent Night Teeth Tooth

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About the Product

Prevents your teeth from grinding and clenching when you're asleep

Easy step-by-step molding instructions & durable travel case included

This teeth grinding mouth guard BPA free

Recommended by doctors and dentists

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you experience teeth grinding and clenching, you are not alone. There is approximately 8% of the population suffers from sleep bruxism (Lavigne et al., 2008) and the related symptoms of facial pain, insomnia, and tooth damage. Major cause of bruxism is stress (Giraki et al., 2010), and it can be very difficult to cure. You, as many other sufferers, might be looking for a way to treat your symptoms rather than a full cure. To protect your teeth and reduce symptoms, most dentists suggest a custom night mouth guard.


For the first time, soak with about 40 degrees Celsius warm water for 20 minutes, can not be put into boiling water inside to cook, wear in the teeth or teeth with teeth can be bitten, after use, rinse into the toothpaste box.

Package included:

2pcs * Dental Mouth Guard