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Car GPS Cigarette Lighter HARD TO GET Signal

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By GPS satellite positioning tracking, Scrambling.

Distance of 5-10meters, small size, power, light weight, large coverage, easy to carry.

With GPS satellite signals, to protect your whereabouts of privacy and confidential information.

When working it does not affect the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment.

The total transmission power of 0.3W, low power consumption, the human body without any damage and environmental protection.


Type GPS Jammer
Material Plastic+Metal
Quantity 1pc
Item Color Black
Cover Radius 3m
Frequency Range 1560-1580MHz
The Frequency Bandwidth 20MHz
Voltage 12V-24V
Size 9.8*2*7.5cm / 3.8*0.8*2.9"(L*W*H)
Net Weight 26g / 0.9oz
Package 1*GPS Jammer