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Hip Trainer Hips Tighter Massager Muscle Vibrating Exercise

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Name: Hipe EMS Trainer

Material: ABS

Color: Black and Orange

Voltage: alkaine 1.5V

Using Mode: A-F(6 modes)

Frequency :1-100Hz

Working times: 12minutes (per installation time)

Output : maximum 9.8mA


Use Steps:

1. Slide the battery cover off

2.Install 2PCS AAA battery correctly

3.Attach the device onto the hips pad

4.Remove the storage sheet

5.Position the hips pad onto your hips

6.Press the ON/INC button to turn on

7.Press the program to choose your modes

8.Press the ON/INC button to increase intensity or OFF/DEC button to decrease the intensity

9.Flex and enjoy


About the product:

Busty ass instrument helping to lift up the buttock

Reshape hip shapes, let you have a healthier and energetic posture

After using, please use alkaline detergent to clean the film, dry it in the shade and stick it on top of the PVC sheet to avoid direct sunlight.


Package Included:

1 * Beautiful buttock patch

1 * controller