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Interactive led Training Funny Cat Play Toy Laser

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This a kind of toy that can make your lovely cat excited.It is a amazing toy for cats because you can play with your cat with variations and it even can help you and cat to exercise!

1.Emits a mouse shaped animation laser beam with great visibility
2.This cat toy will ensure hours of fun for both the cat and the owner
3.Mouse animation is visible on most surface including on light colours
4.LED light is harmless to eyes without hurting dogs and cats eye
5.The color of mouse projection is lavender.

1.Size:78x13mm(length X diameter)
2.Batteries included:3 x LR927 button cell batteries
3.Material:aluminum and plastic
4.Output Power: 0.5mw

Note:The color will be sent out randomly

Package include:
1x laser pen light