Music Frame’s attractive launch offer makes it the perfect summer purchase

There’s one new product that a lot of Samsung fans have been obsessed with ever since the company showed it off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 in Las Vegas. It’s the Music Frame smart speaker that looks nothing like what you’d think a smart speaker would look like.

That’s really the beauty of this device. It seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic of your living space while providing a premium audio experience. If you love having people over during the summer, this is the perfect purchase ahead of this year’s season.

Music Frame is currently on pre-order, releases soon

The Samsung Music Frame looks like any other picture frame, so you wouldn’t even guess there’s a powerful speaker hidden inside. It’s available in different finishes so you can easily match it with the overall look and feel of your space. The physical prints can also be swapped out so you can display your favorite pictures and use it as an actual photo frame.

Inside its rather unassuming construction is a very powerful speaker that can work as both a standalone smart speaker or as a component of a surround sound setup that includes a Samsung soundbar or TV. The speaker boasts two tweeters, two woofers, and a similar number of mid-range drivers. The Q-Symphony feature from Samsung also ensures you can have one audio source playing on both the TV and external speakers like the Music Frame simultaneously.

Samsung is now taking pre-orders for the device. You can pre-order the Music Frame from for just $399. If you pre-order now, Samsung will also give you a $50 credit that you can use to purchase anything on the company’s online store.

Consider the Samsung Music Frame when you upgrade your space’s audio setup this summer. It’s going to be as much of a conversation piece as it is a very capable speaker, given its highly unique and very well put together.

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