Reports claim Galaxy S23 running warmer after One UI 6.1 update

Last week, Samsung rolled out One UI 6.1 to many high-end smartphones and tablets, including the Galaxy S23 series devices. While the new software customization brought a lot of new and useful features to last year’s flagship smartphones, it also seems to have brought a bunch of issues.

Right after Samsung rolled out the update, many people reported that One UI 6.1 restricted the charging speed on their Galaxy S23 to 15W or that their phone was taking a longer time to charge after the update. We checked out if that was the case, and we didn’t find any issues. However, we are not completely done with the testing. We still have a bunch of scenarios to run. Now, people are reporting that after installing One UI 6.1, their Galaxy S23 is heating up more than usual.

On Reddit, a user that goes by TBadisBad says they noticed that their Galaxy S23 has been “quite warm to touch” even when it is idle, connected to Wi-Fi (which should put a lesser load on the phone than when it is using mobile data), has its location turned off, and in a room with an ambient temperature that is the same as it was before updating the phone to the new software customization. In the comments section, another user confirmed that their Galaxy S23 was also running a bit warm since updating the phone to One UI 6.1.

After updating to One UI 6.1, my Galaxy S23 has certainly not been warm to touch when it is idle, even when the device is running on mobile data, has its location turned on, and is in a room with an ambient temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. However, I haven’t used the phone for performing heavy tasks, such as playing games, since then. So, I can’t say for sure that it is not running hotter than before. We’ll soon put the phone through some scenarios and check if it is running warmer than before and let you know. So, stay tuned.

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